Kayak Fishing on the Darien Coast

Our fishing lodge at Jaque, “Imbu Bua Lodge”.

Jaque is on the Pacific coast far south in Panama, not far from the Colombian border (Google Map of Jaque). It is a short plane hop from Panama City, about a one-hour flight. There are no roads to Jaque, access is only by plane or boat. The whole area surrounding the Colombian border is thick jungle and swamps and has no roads at all.  Just around the corner is Piñas Bay which is a famous place name in the fishing world as it is the home of Tropic Star Lodge, the world’s leading sportsfishing resort since it began in 1961. Piñas Bay has more fishing world records than any other place in the world, with over 300 IGFA World Records and over 50 IGFA Junior Angler World Records.

Capt. Hennie Marais knows the region very well. He came to the Republic of Panama from Africa in 1989 for the role of general manager at the Tropic Star Lodge, in which he stayed for nine years. He began this adventure kayak fishing operation and the Paddle Panama store in 2012. The Darien is one of the last frontiers for adventure and kayak fishing. Kayaking from Punta Garicine and the Woanan Indian Village of Playa Muerto, the coast line stretches over 120 nautical miles to the Colombian Frontier with only one settlement, Jaque. It’s a true wilderness. If it’s kayak fishing, adventure, surfing, SUP paddling or just nature and ethnic culture, you’ll love Hennie’s beach-front house at Jaque, the “Imbu Bua Lodge”. It has to be number one on your bucket list.

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