Bahia Honda Kayak Fishing Expedition

Kayak fishing adventure on the “Lost Coast”

This kayak fishing expedition on the ‘Lost Coast’ of Panama is a real wilderness experience. Our base camp is situated in Bahia Honda, where we are hosted by a local family. (Google Map of Bahia Honda). Accommodations are in basic thatch roofed “bohios” fitted out with good quality camping gear.

World class fishing is literally right on our door step.

Bahia Honda’s ‘Lost Coast’ offers various fishing sites made up of islands , beneath sea pinnacles and miles of coastline. The basin is an amazing fishery. The whole region benefits from the protection of the Coiba Marine Reserve, which has stringent rules practices such as long-line fishing, and so there is an abundance of large fish.

On land, waking up with the sound of howler monkeys and baitfish jumping around you is truly magnificent.

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