Offshore Kayak Fishing Tours in Panama

Panama – a land of big fish and warm water

For 2019-2020, we are focusing on offshore kayak fishing tours to two locations, Bahia Honda and Jaque, Darien. If you have not heard, Panama is an awesome place to fish. The two locations for the offshore kayak fishing tours this year are both remote spots. We take you to the most unspoiled locations that we know.

Jaque on the Darien Coast is in an area that has more world records than any other fishing spot. Bahia Honda near Coiba National park offers year round calm waters and great sea kayaking spot as well.

Please explore the links below to the two tours for information, videos, photos, and then contact us to start planning your trip.

We cater for expert fishermen and kayak fishing newbies also, just give us an indication of your experience during our planning discussion. The kayak fishing tours to Jaque and Bahia Honda require quite a good level of fitness as we are in remote areas.