Hennie Marais and the others at Paddle Panama have interests in a diversity of ways to enjoy the open air. All involved in the business have a lifelong interest in watersports, but many land-based adventure pursuits also. They also have a wealth of experience in instruction and group leadership.

Hennie started off with diving schools in South Africa, followed by many years managing some of the world’s top name sports fishing resorts. He started Paddle Panama at the beginning of 2012 (a retail store in Panama for the ‘paddle sports’, kayaking, SUP’s and surfing). He always stocked quality fishing kayaks, and shortly afterwards he started combining his fishing experience and his knowledge of Panama’s oceans with his passion for kayaking and offered kayak fishing vacations.

He is also a scout leader in Panama, and has being going through a series of training courses in the USA on the leadership of youth groups and particularly in involving them in outdoor pursuits.

We are not yet ready to publicise the tours that we are planning but I can tell you that they currently involve activities on three continents: Panama in Central American; in the United States; and in Africa. We are also considering some mountaineering options in Scotland.

These activities involve groups (youth groups, family groups & adult groups) in ‘adventure’ activities in oceans, rivers, lakes, mountains, jungle, and grass plains. There are also tours planned that lean more towards observing nature and nature photography in all of the mentioned habitats rather than participation in ‘extreme sports’.

We are dying to reveal all but are not quite ready.

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